the Pearl of the Black Sea

Situated on the coast, against the backdrop of the lush hills of Adjara, Batumi – the “Pearl of the Black Sea” – is the administrative center of Adjara, the dynamic economic capital, and the main seaside resort of the country, attracting tourists from all over Georgia and beyond. It owes much of its unique charm to the elegant blend of architectural styles dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, Batumi, a city with a distinctive atmosphere, is still a place of many architectural innovations. An “urban” town of Georgia, like Tbilisi, it is home to myriad cafes, restaurants, theaters, high-end hotels, clubs, and casinos.

The third city of the country, Batumi is often described as one of the most beautiful cities of the Pont-Euxin.
An essential seaside resort, renowned for its gentle way of life and its festive nights, Batumi is nestled in a bay with lush vegetation, teeming with palm trees, cypresses, and magnolias.
Batumi surprises by its very particular Mediterranean atmosphere, without comparison with the rest of Georgia.

The Black Sea Riviera

From Batus to The Black Sea Riviera

Its origins date back to the 12th century BC. Batus – meaning deep bay – was recorded as early as the 4th century BC. Ancient Greek and then a Roman colony, the city was the starting point of Georgia’s evangelization by the apostles Andrew and Simon the Kanean from the 1st century. Christianity then spread and became the state religion in the 4th century. According to sources, the apostle Matthew is buried in the Gonio fortress, a few kilometers from Batumi.

A crossroads of civilizations, Batumi was influenced by many cultures, Persian, European, and Russian. Influences that contributed to the tremendous architectural diversity of the city. The history of Batumi has been the scene of many battles for its domination, especially between the Georgian kings and the Ottoman invading forces. In 1878, Batumi came under Russian authority and underwent a rapid expansion. Beginning a new golden age, it became a prosperous and famous tourist city in the USSR days and an important commercial port on the Black Sea.

Batumi City Center

A Unique Architecture

At the end of the 19th century, European, French, and German architects undertook the city’s urbanization and its transformation into a free seaport. The many buildings of different styles that today give the city its charm and unique architectural character, mixing European and oriental styles, were built. The beautiful pastel facades of the Soviet buildings appeared much later. The beating heart of the old town is its impressive and endless seaside promenade.

Seaside Boulevard

Batumi Promenade

The Batumi Boulevard construction was started in 1881 by German landscape architects and then completed by a French architect. With 7 km long, it is one of the longest seaside boulevard in the world. The boulevard and its most lush adjoining gardens designed by the French architect D’Alfonse will charm you with its beauty and diversity. Its dancing fountains, its famous columns, its famous modern sculptures, its evergreen plants, its unique combination of magnolias and palm trees, its bungalows, café-lounges, zoo, and children’s attractions make it an absolutely unique and fascinating place. The Boulevard of the Sea, an architectural icon of Batumi, is one of the city’s main attractions.

The Face of Modern Georgia

The Face of Modern Georgia

Today Batumi is booming. The main resort of Georgia, it has undergone significant development in recent years. Many of the recent renovations of the old town have been carried out while developing breathtaking and avant-garde new buildings that blend harmoniously with Batumi’s history and classical architecture. A city of art, it also stands out for its contemporary sculptures that can be found everywhere, including the famous Where, Liberty monument or Nino and Ali, a statue representing the bodies of a man and a woman in a permanent rotation. This last became the new symbol of the city of Batumi.

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Adjara. Established on the magnificent slopes of Green Cape in 1880, the Botanical Garden of Batumi is an astonishing tropical paradise where the rarest, strangest, and most beautiful plants in the world are gathered! The 110 hectares of the garden house a collection of more than two thousand species of trees. And more than five thousand plants with intoxicating scents, most of them tropical and subtropical, bloom in this garden. Passionate about nature, peace, and quiet, the botanical garden is the ideal place for you. The views of the coast and the Black Sea from the garden are breathtaking.

Swim with Dolphins

Batumi Dolphinarium

It is common to see Black Sea dolphins playing freely near the beaches. The city of Batumi, of which the dolphin is one of the symbols, created the Dolphinarium in 1974. It is one of the most famous places in Batumi and is very popular in Georgia. The dolphin shows are magical and delight young and old. It is even possible to swim with the dolphins if you wish!

Vegas On The Black Sea

Batumi Casinos

Many visitors come to enjoy the long subtropical summers on the beaches along the beautiful Black Sea coast. But also to try their luck in the many high-end casinos in Batumi. Almost all the world’s top five-star hotel brands are present in Batumi, Radisson Blu, Hilton, Wyndham Sheraton, and Meridien. These opulent hotels all have their casinos integrated into the hotel and give Batumi’s waterfront a Las Vegas by the Sea look at nightfall.

At the casino, there will be something for everyone! American roulette, blackjack, and Punto Banco tables. You will also find all poker varieties, 3 card poker, 5 card poker, 6 card poker, Russian poker and Texas Hold’em poker. And if you like slots, you will be served too. At Batumi, you will never be far from the excitement of gambling! Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the casinos are for some the ultimate entertainment in Batumi. Nestled in elegant decor, with a relaxed atmosphere for maximum comfort and enjoyment. Grab a refreshing beer at the bar, or choose from hundreds of selected wines, creative cocktails and homemade beers; relax with friends and watch the action unfold before your eyes. And if you want to try your luck, don’t forget that gambling should be consumed in moderation.

Gonio's Fortress

Batumi Surroundings

Fortress of Gonio-Apsaros. The historic fortress of Adjara was of great strategic importance: it protected the entrances to the Chorokhi and Adjaristskali valleys, linking the inland regions of the southwest. Gonio’s fortress was one of the pillars of the Roman Empire in the region, followed by the Byzantines (6-7th century), Ottomans and Genoese (13-14th century). The fortress of Gonio has since become a museum. The history of Gonio-Apsaro is closely linked to the myth of the Argonauts and according to legend, one of the 12 disciples of Christ – Matthew – is buried there.

Adjarian Cuisine

Traditional Cuisine & Unique Wines

The hinterland is an opportunity to discover the traditional Adjara. An agricultural region famous for its horticulture, tea cultivation and citrus fruits, it is also famous for its cuisine. The famous adjaran khajapuri is an indispensable dish and another symbol of Georgian cuisine. Of course, The hinterland of Batumi is known to produce superb and unique wines.
Close to the village of Makhuntseti, with its pretty waterfall and ancient stone arch bridge, is the Keda area. The Keda zone is the main wine-growing area of Adjara. Numerous estates and private cellars are scattered all around Keda, offering connoisseurs the opportunity to taste the region’s characteristic wines, such as Tsolikauri and Chkhaveri.

Fish Market

Fish Market

If you want to see Batumi from a more local perspective, you will need to visit the fish market. Located near the port, this market is an exotic and delicious place. Here you will find the freshest fish in town, caught the same morning or even a few minutes before you buy it. Choose a fish, pay for it and give it to a boy who will clean it and then take it to a nearby restaurant where it will be fried or grilled for you. Served with Tkhemali (the national plum sauce) and a slice of lemon, add the sea view and everything will be perfect.
Mtirala Park

Batumi Surroundings

The Mtirala National Park is located 40 kilometres from Batumi. It is the ideal place for hiking, horseback riding, bird watching and adventure tours. You can explore the beautiful valley of the Chakvistskali River and the incredible subtropical forest where lianas mingle with the colchicum forest of chestnut and beech groves. The Tsalbnari waterfall is probably the most popular sight. This 16 metre high waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation. Even more beautiful is the small turquoise lake that leads to the waterfall.

The Sea and The Mountains

Adjara is one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia. Located in the southwest of Georgia, it extends along the coastline. The pontic and subtropical climate there gives hot summers and very mild winters. It is also one of the most humid temperate regions in the northern hemisphere, which favors the development of subtropical forests and crops. Most of Adjara’s territory is made up of hills or mountains that rise up to 3,000 meters.

More than 60% of Adjara is covered by forests, including great rain forests. The nature of Adjara, as everywhere in Georgia, is intact and superb. But it is of course for its beaches that Adjara is best known. Numerous seaside resorts flourish there. Sarpi, Tsikhisdziri, Mtsvane Kontskhi ( Cape Green), Kobuleti. And, of course, Batumi, the exhilarating capital of the Adjara Region.

Adjara's Natural Treasures

Batumi Countryside

Its pristine nature, lush environment, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and protected territories representing 15% of its territory, its mountains close to the sky and the sea, are paradises for ecotourism lovers. Nature is Adjara’s major attraction. Observation of resident or migratory birds; walks in the humid subtropical forests or on the sand dunes; visiting the Kobuleti marshes, discovering the botanical garden of Batumi; hiking to lakes of breathtaking beauty (the green lake), of the Goderdzi forests; visiting cultural monuments, monasteries, and 1000-year-old arch bridges; horseback riding to the extraordinary villages of Adjaria – this is only a small list of ecotourism activities offered by the protected territories of Adjaria.

The combination created by these unique ecosystems of temperate rainforests, wetlands and coastal peat bogs, seaside resorts, and breathtaking coniferous mountainous areas makes Adjara a diverse discovery destination. It allows unforgettable experiences, whatever the season.

Preserved Culture

Adjarian Traditions

The historical-cultural richness of Adjara is attested both by the many ancient monuments, monasteries, fortified villages, arch bridges, and by the authenticity of the cultural heritage. The Adjaran dances “Khorumi” and “Adjaruli” occupy an important place in Georgian folklore. Adjara is also an archaeological gold mine. Of course, Batumi is the cultural epicenter of the region. In addition to its many museums, Batumi hosts major cultural and sports events, popular festivals, international music and film festivals throughout the year. Black Sea Jazz Festival; International Art-House Film Festival; International Festival of Animated Films; 2 International Classical Music Festivals; Bird Watching Festival, Batumi Street Art Festival; Rural Tourism Festival Gandagana; Summer Black Sea Folklore International Festiva; Batumi City Festival “Batumoba”; International Theatre Festival “Debut” are among the main cultural events that take place in the Batumi Region and attract more and more visitors every year.

Minor Caucasus Ridges

Goderdzi - Near Batumi

Just a few hours from the seafront, you can enjoy the spectacular views of the mountains of Adjara. They offer excellent conditions for skiing and winter sports lovers. In the highlands of Adjara, the “Goderdzi” ski resort is one of the youngest ski resorts in Georgia. Inaugurated in 2015, located at an altitude of 2350 m, the resort welcomes more and more visitors every year. The magnificent views, the clean air, the snowy slopes covered with forest, the well-maintained ski slopes of the resort generate enthusiasm and attract powder and off-ski enthusiasts.

The snow’s quality is perhaps superior to the rest of the resorts in Georgia thanks to the pontic climate, which brings a lot of humidity from the sea. Building on its success, the resort continues to develop today. Accessible in all seasons, the ski season starts relatively early and runs from early December to April. The life of the resort continues after the snow melts. Summers are ideal for hiking, horseback riding, and cycling. In addition to its magnificent forests, the hikes to Green Lake are breathtaking. But it is not only Goderdzi. Other mountain resorts such as Gomarduli, Qedlebi, and Beshumi also offer warm hospitality to their guests.

Sweet Beaches

Blue Coast

Thanks to the long Indian summers in Adjara, the season is long in Batumi and on the Adjara coast. You can swim from the beginning of May and the sea, between 21 and 29 degrees on average, is even more pleasant in September and October. All along the coast of Adjara, the seaside resorts flourish. Batumi is the most important one. It offers endless possibilities of leisure and entertainment. Bungalows, beach bars, restaurants, sports facilities, and water parks can be found all along the extensive beaches. Other resorts are, of course, worth a visit.

Quieter and wilder, they offer other qualities that Batumi cannot provide. Kobuleti is Georgia’s oldest seaside resort, known for its ionized air, pine hedges and wide pebble beach sloping down to the sea. Tsikhisdziri and Mtsvane Kontskhi or Green Cape are two of Georgia’s most beautiful resorts where mountain air and sea breeze merge. Located around the Batumi Botanical Garden among the richest gardens in Europe, these resorts’ lush green slopes are covered with citrus orchards, tea plantations, and bamboo hedges and parks where hotels, restaurants, and cafes nestle. Or Makhindjauri also famous for its mineral waters with extensive healing properties. Or Sarpi and its transparent waters and fascinating underwater world.

Bird Watching

Batumi Surroundings

The Adjara coast and the surroundings of Batumi are mainly known to be a crucial Migration Corridor. More than one million birds of prey migrate through this corridor every year, making Adjara one of the places with one of the largest concentrations of birds of prey in the world. Batumi, the villages of Sakhalvasho and Chaisubani near Kobuleti, are the best places to observe them from the equipped platforms where amateur or professional ornithologists jostle each other.

Other good sites include the Mtirala National Park, the Ispani Bog (Kobuleti Protected Area), and the Chorokhi Delta. Since 2012, the “Batumi Bird Festival” has become, over the years, an important event for bird-watchers and many foreign enthusiasts who come to Adjara in September for this occasion.

Picturesque Villages

Batumi Surroundings

The picturesque nature, the diversity of flora and fauna, and the welcoming culture of the Georgians of Adjara make this region an excellent place for rural tourism. The farms in the villages of Adjara offer the opportunity to get involved in many aspects of agricultural life, including cattle breeding, poultry farming, horticulture, viticulture and beekeeping. Visitors can learn about popular national handicrafts, taste delicious local dishes prepared with pure and fresh ingredients from the farm, go horseback riding, hunting, fishing with the Adjara specialists who will be proud to welcome you.
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