Land of Contrasts

Georgia, Land of Contrasts

Located at the gateway to Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Asia, at the confluence of these great empires, Georgia has shaped over 3 millennia an atypical culture and a very original identity. Surrounded by mountains and the Black Sea, the Pearl of the Caucasus, also called “The Mountain of the Peoples”, Georgia is an extraordinary country that conceals natural treasures of incredible beauty and rich and fascinating history.

Georgia is a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western influences with an authentically European lifestyle. The mythical Colchis’s landscapes are fantastic, its sense of hospitality legendary as its wines and famous gastronomy. Over the last decade, this almost unknown jewel has become one of the world’s most dynamic tourist destinations, to the delight of its visitors seduced by its most pleasant way of life.

Good to know

Some Facts

Population: 3.724 million (+1 million diaspora)

Area: 69,700 sq. km

Borders – Southeast : Azerbaijan / Southwest : Turkey and the Black Sea / North : Russia / South : Armenia.

Geography: Mountain ranges and hills comprise 80% of Georgian territory.
The country is situated between 40 – 47 degrees E and 41 – 44 degrees N

Capital: Tbilisi (population: 1 200.000)
Other cities: Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustavi, Gori, Poti, Zugdidi, Telavi

Ethnic groups : Georgians – 83.8%, Azeris – 6.5%, Armenians – 5.7%, Russians – 1.5%

State language: Georgian
English widely spoken

National currency: Georgian Lari GEL
1Gel ~ 0.25€ (0.30 US$)


Inherently Safe

In Georgia, you feel safe. According to the Numbeo 2020 report, Georgia is the safest country in Europe and the sixth safest after South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. You will feel safe when you travel in the country.

Georgians say that “the Guest is a gift,” and they will do their best to treat you with the utmost hospitality. For centuries, Georgians have developed traditions of hospitality. Georgians are very proud of it. The love and respect for guests is boundless, and the devotion to host’s duties is passed on from generation to generation. So relax and enjoy the best this country has to offer.


An Ancient Country

The first Europeans came from Georgia. Numerous archaeological expeditions have proven without a doubt that Georgia is the homeland of the first Europeans, suggesting that a man from Africa traveled to Europe via Georgia 1.8 million years ago. Without going back to time immemorial, Georgia is one of the oldest civilizations. Traces of massive colonization and human settlement date back to the fifth millennium BC. Throughout its long and eventful history, Georgia has become the theater of a spectacular and continuous juxtaposition of many different peoples and cultures.

Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Mongols, Arabs, and Turks have invaded Georgia over the centuries. The Georgian people have always been able to preserve the community from danger while showing resilience. All these “forced” influences have forged a very original culture. Among the many cultural legacies, Georgians have their own alphabet. This unique writing system is one of the fourteen alphabets of the world. Its beautiful cursive forms have been influenced by Greek and Persian scripts.


Vibrant Cities

Tbilisi, the capital city, Batumi on the Black Sea or Kutaisi near the Caucasus Mountains, have once again become these underrated gems, as evidenced by their incredible architecture, thriving art scene, nightlife, top-notch clubs and music festivals, as well as their many bars and restaurants, which remind us that these thriving cities have been important cultural centers since ancient times. Mtskheta and Kutaisi, both former capitals of Georgia, are among the 16 oldest cities in Europe. Kutaisi, the capital of the Kingdom of Colchis – the ancient region of the South Caucasus, was founded in the third millennium B.C. a long, long time ago.
Pearl of the Causasus

The Black Sea Riviera

The Pontic Greeks and the Soviet intelligentsia enjoyed the mild climate and the beautiful black sand beaches of the Georgian coast. There are several seaside resorts in Georgia. These places are ideal for spending time from April to early autumn. Batumi, the beautiful and wild areas of the Green Cape, the endless beaches of Kobuleti, or the magnetic black sand beaches of Ureki. It is one of the two magnetic beaches in the world. These sands have healing properties that are known to be beneficial for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. What could be better than sun, sea, fresh sea air, and a warm velvet bath? Adding the nearby Caucasus mountains’ views in the background and the sight of dolphins playing not far from the shore, it is a magical, dramatic and incomparable spectacle.


Snowy Mountains

With more than 10 meters of snow every year, Abundant powder snow, spectacular views, modern resorts, and slopes make Georgia an excellent destination for ski and freeride enthusiasts. Whether Gudauri is reputed as the best ski destination in Georgia, Mestia the most beautiful, Gordzedzi the new push in Adjara, or Bakuriani the family resort, all these resorts are booming ski destinations without the crowds of other European resorts. Georgia will host World Cup skiing events in 2022.
Wonders of the World

UNESCO Heritage

Among the cultural sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, such as Mtskheta, the Gelati Monastery Cathedral’s imposing complex, and the mountainous region of Upper-Svaneti, there are two other wonders in Georgia: polyphonic folk music and fantastic traditional dances.
Just as Georgia has cultivated the world’s longest uninterrupted wine-growing tradition, its musical tradition is also remarkable. Georgia has given birth to various rich and dynamic traditional music and song styles, considered to be the oldest polyphonic song tradition in the world.

Combined with song and music, traditional dances celebrate Georgia’s history and culture’s richness and diversity. Practiced at school as a sport, dance is a “language” in its own right. When you watch a Georgian dance performance, you feel its history, customs, traditions, energy and originality. Georgian dances are a breathtaking show, served by a precise choreography. The graceful movements, rhythm, music, stylized acrobatic elements, elegant and colorful costumes of the troupe represent the traditional values and mores of Georgian society and perfectly capture the grace, beauty and courage of women, the honor and respect of Georgian men.

Watch out!

A Stunning Nature

Prepare to be overwhelmed: The landscapes of Jason’s mythical Colchis and the Golden Fleece have remained the same, breathtaking! Nestled in the Caucasus mountains, on the Black Sea’s shores, Georgia has everything the traveler could dream of: mountains with eternal snow, lakes and alpine meadows, natural canyons full of flowers and fruits, sea coasts full of palm trees, mineral waters. This unspoiled nature offers the most adventurous itineraries, and each season is unique for discovering Georgia. This country concentrates such an incredible natural wealth that you can ski in the mountains in the morning and swim in the Black Sea in the evening. Yes, this place is indeed a paradise on Earth!
Into the Wild!

Flora And Fauna

Despite its small territory, the varied geographical and climatic zones have given rise to a wide variety of plant species. The flora of western and eastern Georgia are quite distinct. The climate is dry and semi-dry in east Georgia’s non-coniferous areas, explaining why green places and foliage are rare. With its more humid climate, Western Georgia is characterized by dense forests and a high diversity of plants. The fauna of Georgia represents a combination of Central Asian and African fauna. The most exciting animals can be found here, such as lynx and bears in the dense forests and leopards, wolves, and antelopes in the east’s arid plains. Georgia remains, to our great delight, a country where the wilderness has every right.

Climatic Zones

Georgia has 12 different climatic zones, ranging from subtropical to alpine and semi-desert. The climate is dry, even semi-desert, and continental in eastern Georgia, with hot summers and mild winters. The climate of western Georgia and the Black Sea coast is warm and semi-tropical. This incredible diversity concentrated in such a small country makes Georgia one of the world’s most ecologically diverse countries.
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